Flying By Troy provides several full-size prop and set rentals for musicals. All of our theater set rentals are versatile enough to accommodate almost any venue. If you are looking to stun your audience, these props and sets are sure to do the trick.

Prop Rentals

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car Rental

This Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car prop replica is full scale and has wings and motorized wheels. The car rides on a hydraulic platform which elevates it over 5’ off the ground. While elevated it can pitch forward and back nearly 20 degrees. The wagon is easily moved by 2 stagehands on its swivel castered wagon. For ambitious companies, the car can be removed from its hydraulic wagon and flown on over-head tracks. Both options will dazzle your audience.

Chitty-chitty Bang-bang car with wings extended

Phantom of the Opera Chandelier Rental

Our Phantom chandelier rental is made from indestructible polycarbonate and only weighs 100 lbs. Because it’s so light, it can easily be flown with manual systems. You can literally crash it to your stage floor. When it hits the floor, your audience will gasp. This prop comes completely apart for easily assembly and strike.

Greased Lightning Car Rental

This hot rod will be the centerpiece of your show. The Grease car rental is 3/4 scale and carved from foam. It is very light which makes it easier my movable for fun choreography. The hood and truck are hard coated for your dancers. This prop can come completely apart for easy transport and shipping.

Beauty and the Beast Prop Rentals

We have a wonderful oversize enchanted rose rental which is DMX controlled. It’s lit and the petals fall on demand. We also have Maurice’s Invention for rent, which has a motorized chopper with lots of character. Your actor will make a bit of pedaling it on stage.

Audrey 2 Plant Rental

No production of Little Shop of Horrors is complete without Audrey 2. The meat-eating plant is a centerpiece of this classic horror comedy. Our package includes four Audrey 2 puppet rentals in varying sizes to help the audience visualize the plant’s growth throughout the story.

Set Rentals

If you need a set rental for your flying show, we may have it. Currently we have a complete set for Mary Poppins, Peter Pan, and Beauty and the Beast. Please not, we currently only rent these sets as part of a package with performer flying effects. We also have a complete Shrek set including a fully operable Dragon prop.

Peter Pan Set Rental

This Peter Pan set rental has the traditional look of the Broadway original. The walls and windows are tall and there’s a huge fireplace for Peter’s landing during “I’m Flying.” The Jolly Roger is also very reminiscent of the Broadway show. It has a great mast and many levels for fun fight and flight choreography. This set has a complete soft goods package and will travel in one truck.

Mary Poppins Set Rental

Our Mary Poppins set is quite unique. There is a central unit for the house that serves as the Cherry Tree Ln, house interior, and kitchen. It spins and opens up like a storybook. It has a second level of windows which can be used for scenes too. This package has other centerpiece configurations of scenery to satisfy all locations. A pair of wagons serves for the rooftop scenes but will spin and convert to the nursery. Another pair of wagons compose the park gates but spin to depict the front of the bank and cathedral. This package is suitable for smaller venues that lack fly space. There isn’t any need for painted drops for this set. The scenery takes care of it all, and it will travel in one truck.

Beauty and the Beast Set Rental

This Beauty and the Beast set has solved the issue of room backstage but does rely heavily on flown scenery. You’ll need lots of available fly space in your venue to make this set work. However, there’s lots of room for a giant cast since this set won’t congest your backstage. There are only a few rolling platforms to deal with and it travels in one truck.

Shrek Props & Set Rental

Shrek the Musical is always a hit with audiences of all ages, and our Shrek props will help make your production a memorable success. We have Lord Farquaad’s horse, numerous props and signs, and a fully operational Dragon. Contact us for details on available pieces or to get a rental quote.