Many of us will remember the first time we ever sat in an audience and saw Peter Pan take flight, whisking the Darling children off to Neverland, or watched Mary Poppins glide effortlessly in with her signature umbrella. The element of flight adds a unique touch to these productions quite unlike anything else and is essential for telling the story.

Looking for information about how to make someone fly on stage? You’re in the right place! The gravity-defying magic of performer flying has long brought delight to theater-goers of all ages. But before you embark on the exciting journey of incorporating theatrical flying into your next production, please remember that although they appear effortless when properly executed, performer flying effects are a complex endeavor that should never be undertaken without assistance, training, and supervision by a trained professional.


Theatrical Flying For Every Producing Group, Large or Small

Don’t be constrained by the size of your venue or budget!

If you’re considering adding flying scenes to your production, it’s important to include us as early on in the planning process as possible. This is because important elements such as set pieces, choreography, and costumes all need to be tailored to the flight sequences. Performer flying effects are an integral part of the production that require careful planning and adequate rehearsal time in order to be safe and effective. The production should have smooth and natural flight weaved into the final product.

If it’s your first time working with flying effects for a show or event, you’re in good hands. Flying By Troy has worked all over with all types of groups, from elementary age children to professional actors and aerialists. Your flight captain will work closely with your production team to bring your flight vision to life. We’ll survey your venue to determine the appropriate performance flying system for optimal safety and performance. We’ll also train operators and performers to create smooth, effortless sequences.

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Aerial Rigging for Circus Arts

If narrative theater is about hiding the wires, Circus is about celebrating the artistry – wires and all! And in the course of doing that, Aerial Artists generate amazing forces, through non-traditional rigging, in unique and challenging venues. With over thirty years combined experience safely and successfully rigging circus artists to fly, we here at Flying by Troy understand the challenges that comes with aerial rigging. From talking to engineers who don’t understand the forces you generate, to venues who won’t work with the methods needed, to people who don’t appreciate the history and traditions of this incredible art form, we have you covered.

Let us collaborate with you to design, engineer, rig and install safe systems for your aerial work. We can even custom fabricate equipment for you if needed! All this will allow you to confidently show the world why, “all their days should be circus days!”

At Flying by Troy, our diversity of experience makes us truly unique in the flying effects and theater rigging industry, and we bring this to each and every production. We have been designing and testing our flying equipment and systems for decades. We thoroughly inspect every system that we install and will guide you though your own inspection regiment to assure confidence, reliability, and safety. We love collaborating with our clients to come up with creative solutions that bring the magic of flight to the stage.

We’ve flown all the traditional shows like Mary Poppins, Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, and more, so you can rest assured in our experience. Whether you’re looking to fly angels in your church’s Christmas play, help Aladdin and Jasmine sail the skies, or have a totally outside of the box idea, we’re here to help you create a memorable production that goes smoothly from first rehearsal to final curtain.

Yep, we do more than help people fly on stage

In addition to providing top-notch performer flying services, Flying By Troy also offers a range of rentals including complete set rentals for popular shows like Mary Poppins and Peter Pan, unique pieces like the Greased Lightning car, as well special flying prop rentals like Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage and the Phantom of the Opera chandelier. If you have questions about any of services or rentals, give us a call at (317) 509-3220 or get started with a quote.