Breaking News: Flying By Troy joins ZFX Inc.!

ZFX has been a friendly competitor, and sometimes collaborator, with Flying By Troy for years. Headquartered just a couple of hours apart from one another, we got to know each other even better during the pandemic shutdown, sharing tips and strategies (and maybe a few beers) for making it through. By early 2022 it had become clear that a broader alignment would be beneficial in a multitude of ways, and we are very pleased to now announce this formal teaming up. ZFX has acquired Flying by Troy, and Troy Trinkle has joined the ZFX team. For the many of you who have come to know and appreciate Troy’s work as an exceptional Flying Director, you will be happy to know he’s continuing on in that capacity at ZFX. ZFX is thrilled to add his many years of flying direction to its existing pool of experience and talent, and together continuing to provide the very best in artistry and service in performer flying effects!!


All performer flying inquiries should be directed to ZFX at [email protected]  or  502.637.2500 

For **scenic inquiries only**, please call Troy at 317.509.3220 or email at [email protected]

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